Director Liza Azuelos Duration : 87 min. Genre : Comédie, Comedy Acteurs : Kyan Khojandi Arnaud Valois, Patrick Chesnais, Sandrine Kiberlain, Thaïs Alessandrin, Victor Belmondo, Yvan Attal

Heloise is a mother of three. Her youngest daughter, Jade, has just turned eighteen and will soon be leaving the nest to pursue her studies in Canada. As Jade’s departure approaches, Heloise reminisces of their shared past, a tight bond between mother and daughter. Dreading this seperation, Heloise takes on the role of a filmmaker and attempts, with her iPhone in hand, to capture their last moments together. Her urgent desire to film these fleeting moments consumes her to such a point that it prevents her from reaching the complicity and happiness she has always managed to share with her daughter, her “baby”.